Friday, March 03, 2006

little bit frozen but lovin it

allo all,

LONDON - Snow! .. seeing EVERYONE and catching up.. pints and more pints.. pancake day.. house party at Nick's.. markets.. lunching with the working crew.. partying..

I dont think I have ever been so cold in my life. When I arrived to meet Ez at the tube station in Putney it snowed. SNOW!! Apparently it only snowed in London once over the winter so far.. this is ridiculous. Oh well.

Anyway, apart from the cold it is absolutely awesome to be here and I am having so much fun. It is ten times better than I imagined it would be. Not really that London is better than I thought it would be but in seeing everyone and in having a damn good time!! I knew there were heaps of our mates here but couldnt really comprehend it until now. Even though London is simply massive it just so happens that Ez lives an easy walk from Adam and Jays places in Fulham and Danny works in a cocktail bar literally around the corner.. free drinks thanks Danny!! And if you know Danny then you know its not just a few freebies : )

So the night I arrived was an english housewarming party at Nick's place and a crazy catch up with everyone. Sunday were drinks at Danny's bar and on Monday Mal finally got me to try the famous armotic duck that he went on about when in Australia. Last night was a big pancake cook up at Padams place for Pancake day and tonight Jay is cookin spanish at his. (I am guessing that I am the guinea pig for his spanish cooking so he can impress is spanish girl when she gets back! he he) This weekend there are plans to check out markets during the day and bigger plans for a door list at some private club and partying on the town which I can sense will be expensive! Monday I pack my bag again and fly out to Slovenia, meet Al and begin bumming it as a backpacker..

It is ever so slowly sinking in that I am actually a long way from home, absolutely unemployed, and with the world at my finger tips.. what a good place to be : ) hmm its 3.23pm and definintely beer oclock.

love to all